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At the top of our Island, where the River Ness meets the Moray Firth, sits Inverness, a coastal city honed as the Highland Capital which also betides a grass-roots platform run by two dedicated Junglists with a shared love for music, street wear and underground culture.  


We are Awdio Club - diligently curated garments with all resource staples 100% sustainably sourced where obtainable while keeping wastage to a minimum by personally stitching and printing all products in house. On occasion when stocks aren’t available, we have to insource upcycled or recycled materials meaning the folding card slotted inside your tee-shirt could be donated from another company and every item bag dissolves in warm water - how about that?


Damaging ecosystems and their environments is a common factor within garment manufacturing and this is why we take pride in exhibiting the ‘Standard 100’ label which means all Awdio Club wear is free of harmful dyes and chemicals, effectively helping us play an instrumental role in pioneering the should-be industry standard. Consolidating our eco and socially conscious vision - you will also be welcomed by a selection of vegan approved items when visiting our store. 


Igniting our journey with a reflective approach has helped us establish equitable relationships with industry professionals who recognise Awdio Club’s focus on supporting our Artists, our scene and our environment collectively. Although considerable progress has been made, there is still plenty to address with societal issues that unfortunately remain prevalent in electronic music - Awdio Club boast a diverse crew of DJ’s, producers and MCs who are invaluable in manifesting a fully inclusive working environment with everyone directly involved in the development of the platform. 


On with the show! 

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